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GE Measurement & Control – Gas Analysis

Gas Analysis

GE Measurement & Controls reliable oxygen, hydrogen and flue gas analyzers improve process efficiency, optimize reactors and provide greater safety assurance. Typical applications include O2 analysis for blanketing/inerting and vapor recovery in petrochemical applications; H2 analysis for hydrogen-cooled generators for power generation; and flue gas O2 and combustibles analysis for combustion efficiency applications.

Contact CIMTEC Automation to learn what Gas Analysis Meter from GE will work best with your conditions and application needs.

Galvanic Fuel Cell

Oxy.IQ – Built-in microprocessor with two-wire loop power. Can be installed directly at the sample point.

Thermal Conductivity

XMTC – Thermal conductivity transmitter suitable for analysis of hydrogen and other gasses.


XMO2 – Compact, rugged online transmitter that provides drift-free O2 measurement.

Advanced Paramagnetic

APX – Combines the benefits of XM02 & TMO2 transmitters to operate with widely varying hydrocarbon background gasses.

Zirconium Oxide

CGA 351 – Monitors any variable gas stream or atmosphere that is clean and dry.


DF-300E – Non-depleting, ambient temperature O2 reaction to produce a current flow proportional to the O2 concentration.