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Pro-FaceHMI Plus Control – LT3000


Pro-face HMIs offer multiple models for flexibility, control, and connectivity. The control product line offers the same extensive, built-in, time-saving features that help customers develop fast, consistent, standardized graphical interfaces as the standard product line plus control. Pro-face HMIs with built in I/O combine PLC functionality with an operator interface. It is an all-in-one hardware and software HMI control solution.

These multi-function units lower overall system costs and panel space. Save time wiring and programming, use one software application for HMI & Control. Use I/O for sensors, switches, lamps, lights or valves. Use the pulse output to control speed and motion. Add an optional module to use CANopen. The extensive connectivity of our control products allows you to pick and choose third party vendors and minimize application costs. Our breadth of product allows you to upgrade, update, and migrate as your needs change.

The LT3000 operator interface family combines PLC functionality integrated with an HMI to create a cost effective, high value machine interface solution.

Reduce Machine costs while Increasing performance:

  • Reduce component count
  • Eliminate PLC/custom controls
  • Cut remote maintenance costs
  • Eliminate multiple software packages and support

Flexible, Expandable I/O solutions:

  • Use up to 2 or 3 I/O modules, depending on the hardware model, connected directly to the back of the LT3000 as local I/O
  • The optional CANopen Master module can be used if remote I/O, Sensor, or Motion connections are required.

Application Examples Include:

  • Oven/heat treating Control - Monitor and control oven temperatures plus create diagnostic tools to reduce oven downtime for maintenance repairs.
  • Conveyor and web tension controller - Maintain and monitor web tension and conveyor speed on HMI.
  • OEM Machine Touch Screen Control - Create intuitive user controls for independent standalone machines.

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