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With over 2,000 products, CCS is the world leader in image processing LED lights. CCS products are used in image processing inspections for quality management in various fields of production. Camera images are used to determine if a product is normal or defective in processes including visual inspection, positioning, and character recognition. What is vital here is the "Light," in other words, the lighting used. As the light that is chosen can significantly change the inspection accuracy, lighting holds the key to image processing.
Bar Lights Emitting surface with LEDs arranged in straight lines radiate direct light. You can freely adjust the illuminating direction and angle for use in a wide range of uses. Because Bar Lights can freely adjust their illuminating direction and angle to match the workpiece, they can provide the optimal image.
Bar Lights Light from the surface-mounted LEDs is diffused inside the dome-shaped reflective panel. The diffused light from the wide uniform region is illuminated evenly.
Bar Lights CCS is pleased to introduce a new range of high-quality plug & play flood lights, designed and manufactured by its subsidiary EFFILUX, which achieves an innovative advancement in flexible design. This comprehensive range of flood light includes LED bar light, ring light, brick light, and flat light with a camera hole.
Bar Lights CCS Ring Lights use a flexible circuit board to achieve the functions needed for a Ring Light t can illuminate workpieces at an angle and can illuminate the whole workpiece. This alleviates the influence of slight position or inclination deviations in the workpiece and enables stable imaging.
Bar Lights LEDs are mounted perpendicular to a flat circuit board so that direct light is radiated towards the center of the workpiece.