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Rely on CIMTEC for all things automation

Supplying automation products to hundreds of major manufacturers over several decades, CIMTEC has inventory and supply down to an exact science. We have successfully delivered over 100,000 control systems.

CIMTEC stocks the full range of automation products needed to keep you up and running. With over 10 million dollars of inventory, we make sure that when you need new systems or replacement parts, we can ship it without delay – minimizing your downtime. We fully support all equipment.

In addition, CIMTEC specializes in hard-to-find PLC parts. Whether your PLC equipment is decades old or the latest technology, we keep your products in inventory. We recently acquired the entire GE Intelligent Platforms 90-70 PLC line [link], and we inventory a wide range of products from the most popular to hard-to-find legacy products. Browse our inventory menu to learn more about our products by brand or by type.

Select from a wide array of automation parts from today’s leading automation manufacturers:

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