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Leverage robotic automation effectively with CIMTEC. We carry robotic systems, devices and replacement parts to automate manufacturing tasks safely with speed, precision and consistency. Whether you are maintaining a legacy robotic system or investigating state-of-the-art robotics technology, CIMTEC experts will help guide your selection and keep your systems operating at peak performance.

Industrial Automation and Robotics

Manufacturers across a broad spectrum of industries use industrial automation and robotics products to improve how their operations perform. Industrial robotic automation takes many forms, but always with the same goal: to perform repetitive tasks — particularly those that are dirty, difficult or dangerous — with speed and consistency.

Robotic automation systems range from simple linear modules to collaborative robots, SCARA robots and 6-axis articulated arm machines. There are even mobile robots that will travel through your facility to perform their assigned tasks.

Robotic Automation Systems

CIMTEC can supply complete robotic systems for a wide variety of tasks — from machine tending and material handling to more complex assembly and packaging duties. Autonomous systems robotics (mobile robots) are effective in the small part handling and transport tasks commonplace in healthcare, logistics and manufacturing.

Automation Devices

Many manufacturers have already invested in industrial robotics automation but are looking for further improvements. These include better component feeding to reduce cycle time and the ability to handle multiple and complex-shaped objects without changing end-of-arm tooling.

Flexible bowl feeding technology provides rapid component singulation for ease of robotic picking (and is often preferable to bin-picking solutions). New end-of-arm tooling — ranging from vacuum to finger-style — handles a wider range of geometries than previous generations.

Other options include torque sensors for improved positioning accuracy and precision processing, and gecko-style grippers for flat surfaces. When there's no choice but to swap grippers, a quick-change interface makes it easy.

Replacement Parts

Industrial automation needs periodic maintenance to keep it running at top performance. That's where CIMTEC can help. We carry replacement parts from many industrial robotics companies and can support legacy hardware and systems.

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Select from the following trusted manufacturers, or contact a CIMTEC representative for expert support:

Benefits of Industrial Robotic Automation

Competing in a global marketplace demands an intense focus on quality, price and delivery. Industrial automation and robotics are essential tools for meeting and exceeding these customer expectations.

Cost, quality and safety are the major benefits of automation. Automated lines and equipment deliver higher productivity while reducing part-to-part variability. That, in turn, improves quality, which cuts scrap and rework. Warranty costs fall and customer satisfaction rises.

Automation often makes sense for repetitive tasks such as machine loading, packaging and assembly. These are difficult for human workers to perform consistently and often lead to workplace injuries. Implementing industrial robotic automation keeps workers safe and can free them for tasks more suited to human talents.

Industrial automation and robotic systems are used throughout manufacturing and elsewhere. Food processing, packaging, pharmaceuticals, automotive and electronics are just some of the industry sectors using advanced manufacturing technology to cut costs and increase profits. CIMTEC helps them and we can help you, too.


Experience, inventory, in-depth automation expertise and a willingness to understand what clients really need — four good reasons why you should talk to us about industrial robotics automation.

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