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CIMTEC Automation Upgrade Plus

Avoid Downtime. Eliminate Risk.

As PLCs enter a maturity phase, businesses are faced with the challenge of replacing obsolete components and outdated systems. Forward thinking businesses are preparing for migration now, before it's too late.

While older PLCs may continue to operate without disruption for many years, the risk of critical processes running on obsolete systems is tremendous. Hundreds of thousands of dollars could be lost in just one hour of downtime.

By keeping PLC technology current, manufacturing production increases and downtime decreases. And in many industries, modernizing PLCs is a must in order to stay competitive.

Upgrade Expertise. Proven Succcess.

CIMTEC has a proven process for upgrading PLCs. We have successfully converted thousands of PLC systems, helping clients avoid downtime and improve productivity.

We understand upgrading PLCs requires more than just knowledge of new PLC systems and parts. Successful conversion requires deep expertise in the old systems that are being replaced. CIMTEC consultants have extensive knowledge of new and legacy PLC systems, including GE, Allen-Bradley, and Siemens.

In addition, CIMTEC will take back the equipment being replaced, providing businesses with a credit on their upgrade. This allows our customers to reduce new investment spending.

The CIMTEC Difference:

  • 30 years experience in automation, engineering and PLCs
  • Unique, extensive knowledge of legacy GE systems
  • Successfully upgraded thousands of PLC systems
  • Buy back of legacy systems allows you to reduce new investment spending
  • Cost effective upgrades with experts who get it done quickly and get it done right

Custom Solutions. Expert Support

CIMTEC understands every business, every PLC system and every need is different, which is why we develop custom PLC migration plans based on a thorough assessment of your installed base and deep understanding of your short and long term goals.

Whether it's a phased migration approach or one time upgrade, we provide a detailed roadmap and walk our clients through every step of the conversion process.

If you have decided now is the time to modernize your systems, CIMTEC can assess your current systems, make recommendations and provide a detailed roadmap that will guide you through an upgrade process, step-by-step.

Call CIMTEC today to learn more: 877-524-6832.