One of the most important elements of Industrial Production is measuring distances. The applications are often varied and it is not possible for one sensor to fulfill the requirements.

As a worldwide leader in process automation and manufacturing technology, SICK Inc. offers an extensive line of distance measurement sensors. The new Dx35 product family of Sensors stands out as a top performer for flexible mid-range flexible measurement and detection up to 35 m.

Speed   The Dx35’s lightning fast response time can keep up with even the fastest production processes!

Stability  Unstable measurements can be caused by ambient light. The glare resistance and statistical time-of-flight technology of the Dx35 always produces stable measurements.

Detection  Get rock solid target detection and measurement with the Rx35, which ignores even the most shiny background materials.

Compact   No Cross Talk! Even in the most confined spaces, the Dx35’s coded pulses allow several sensors to be used simultaneously in confined spaces.

Precise  Color! No matter the color, HDDM technology guarantees accurate and precise measurement across the entire color spectrum.

The Dx35’s small housing size and a reduced blind zone, makes it the number one choice for use in confined spaces and difficult applications. It detects and measures both extremely dark and Shiny objects, as well as objects titled at extreme angles.

Accuracy, perfect background suppression and compact construction size, the Dx35 mid-range Sensor delivers top performance and reliability

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